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What is a European Breakfast?


Europe is a big and varied place, so it is a melange. I incorporate the heritages of both my father and mother's sides of my family to create your breakfast. I use cheeses from Holland, espresso from Italy, jams from France, dark breads from Germany, and to add the touch of the Midi-Pyrenees I like to always have some fresh herbs from the garden. Because there are so many specific diets these days, please let me know your dietary preferences and I will accommodate you.  From raw and organic to full fat indulgent, I am prepared to serve you a high quality breakfast that will make you happy that you stayed here!

Breakfast is served at 9 in Winter, 8:30 in Summer, unless otherwise arranged.


One Dozen Little French Breakfasts and the Little Stories that Came with Them

The Annabel Inn Cookbook is available for FREE by checking in on foursquare!

History of a European Breakfast

The History of my Western European Melange

My great-grandmother Eleanor Wendeborn, born in Germany, lived to be just a few weeks shy of 106. This reflected her dedication to wholesome and nutritious eating. As matriarch of our family, she never let a meal go by without reminding us to chew slowly, not drink liquids with our meals, eat things that are whole grains and not processed or refined, and then take plenty of vitamins and supplements! I have rolled oats, oat bran, 7-grain cereal, organic cold cereals, nutritious sprouted breads, herbal and green teas, top quality yogurt, carob, nuts and seeds, organic eggs and milk, and a fresh and dried fruit selection.

At The Annabel Inn, I also incorporate my French-Italian heritage, which is certainly more indulgent and less health-conscious. There is Italian espresso, Dutch chocolate and cheeses, pastries, cremes, French conserves, Nutella, and meats. The fresh baguettes are from Old Town's Orion bread artisans. Some days I also bring in chocolate, plain and almond croissants or fresh leek quiche from The Old Town Cafe.

The food is a blend of the most wholesome nutrition and the highest quality indulgences. Please let me know which you prefer so that I am best prepared for your visit.

Breakfast is served in the dining area and can be carried out to the patio.

The outdoor dining patio is set under the shade of pecan, plum and almond trees. Relax with the water feature by day and enjoy the glow from the chiminea at evening.



The Annabel Inn is only a three-room Bed and Breakfast and is therefore not required to have a commercial kitchen. As per the Health Department regulations, I am required to let you know that they do not inspect my kitchen.  I can also tell you, however, that it is very clean and well kept up.

Pictured below, Ratatouille Omelette with Sausage and Mustard Sauce.