Proud to be Green

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The Annabel Inn is Proud to be Green!

"What a blessed relief after years of struggle when traveling to walk into your B&B and not only find pure, clean air but also a kindred spirit who knows how toxic products can affect us... I slept like a baby and I'm infinitely grateful for all your support in seeing that all of my needs were met.  Oh for the day when our whole country is criss-crossed with wonderful places like yours.  Looking forward to seeing you again."  -Janet Palmer, Arizona


We proudly announce the addition of SOLAR ELECTRIC! Yes! We have finally gone solar! 


Member of:





GemTables Bamboo Furniture

Mrs. Meyers Cleaners

Nature's Gate and Dr. Bronner's Lotions, Body Wash, Shampoos and Conditioners

ELECTRA SILVER Electrostatic Air Filters

APTERA Alkaline Water Filters


We believe that in order to maintain a healthy, green environment, there must be continual cleanliness.  In order to maintain this in a small cottage, we mattres vacuum with every bed change, and clean the bath mats, shower curtains and heavy bedding regularly.  Essential Oil scents are only in our bath products for use at your discretion.  If you notice a less than acceptable level of clean, please inform management immediately.


Here are some of the ways how...

We buy our cleaning and bath products in bulk and refill containers.

All of our liquid cleaning and bath products are bio-degradable and non-toxic.

Laundry room and back apartment grey water are recycled into watering property trees.

Our eggs are free-range from the original Old Town Cottonwood homestead.

Often our breads are locally purchased from Orion Bakery: no preservatives or chemicals.

Outdoor lighting is either solar or LED.

We've installed a water filter to refill bottles instead of using up lots of new plastic bottles.

We recycling - and we have full containers almost every week!

Extra insulation has been added to the attic to cut down on A/C and heat.

Fresh herbs are grown in our garden to save trips to the store.

We compost to cut down on waste, and to keep our garden boxes nourished.

We've invested in a new energy efficient A/C for the addition.

In housekeeping, we use rags that were dishtowels, to keep down paper waste (which is made from petroleum).

A tablecloth that gets a little stained becomes a rag pile.

To cut down on utilities, we keep the ceiling fans running and often switch to a more traditional European breakfast of drinks, breads and toppings - always adding herbs, flowers and homemade blended butters.

Hand-me-downs are great - - - and it's fun to antique, flea market, garage and estate sale shop! These give the house more character and keep down on new item purchases, support local economy and constitute re-using, which is even better than recycling.

The property is watered early or late in the day - less water evaporates and has a chance to sink into the soil.

Notices are posted in bathrooms, letting guests know about our Green-efforts, so that they may partake if they choose: recycled TP is under sinks, baskets in the closets are for the towels when you'd like yours replaced with new...

Recycle bins at the back door let you know "We Do!" and you can too...

We figure it's better to clean all of the BIG bedding before someone has an uncomfortable experience (I've seen too many scary hotel/motel cleanliness shows!) - plus airing out in the sun helps sterilize, and the miniscule epithelial cells have a chance to fall off and blow away - we wash the shower curtains regularly too...

Replace bulbs as they burn out, with energy efficient ones.

Upon request organic foods are served - and often an organic choice is available without request.

Because there are wood floors, there are no carpets made from plastics and chemicals to hide lots of germs.

Next year hoping to install: Queen Bee and hives out back: the bees are disappearing and we need them to come back!


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