Life Vessel Clients

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Your hostess at The Annabel Inn is a client too...

I have been receiving treatments at The Life Vessel since March of 2006. I was in a car accident in 1988 and have found great relief and improvement with my Life Vessel treatments. I am happy to share with you my experiences and hope that I can be of assistance to you in making your stay as healing as possible by giving you all of the support I have desired while going through treatment myself.


What do I think this includes?

Rest, lots of good water, a peaceful and clean environment, and healthy food have been fundamental to my healing process.  I strive to create a place where you can receive these too.

I will book your shuttle, public transport or taxi service between Phoenix and Cottonwood, and between The Annabel Inn and The Life Vessel.

For an additional fee, the refrigerator can be stocked for all meals during your stay if you fax or e-mail me a list of your desired food items.

A water filtration system has been added to the kitchen sink, so that you always have a plentiful and fresh supply of water.

There is an air purifier, which de-ionizes the air, to keep the environment clean and healthy.

All cleaning supplies are eco-friendly and non-toxic.

There are recycled paper product options under each bathroom sink.

When there is an organic food choice, it is provided upon request.


If you are interested in more general information about The Life Vessel, lots will come up if you simply Google "Life Vessel," but here is a link to the Santa Fe clinic.  I selected this link since it seems the most comprehensive site of them all so far: Santa Fe Life Vessel.




The following poem was written by a Life Vessel client who stayed here at the Inn for an extended period.


The Annabel Inn

a poem by Ross Collins,

of Melbourne, Australia


There's a new place that's great to stay

whether for a month, week or just a day

the Annabel Inn - a Bed and Breakfast with European style

you'll do yourself a big favor to stay for awhile.


Your hostess Annabel - so caring and kind,

a more thoughtful person would be hard to find.

She could easily become one of your best friends -

as the herbs in her garden she lovingly tends.


The décor is inviting and comfortable it's true.

It's the place to stay when only the best will do,

as you recline in air-conditioned comfort so cool

or listen to the water feature trickle in its pool.


So the water is filtered and the air is purified.

It's the perfect place to escape and unwind.

There's local original art to please the eye.

If you like it a lot, it's there to buy.


Each room has its own television you'll find

so many satellite channels to expand your mind.

There's Discovery and History to mention a few

or catch a movie when only that will do.


Located in ‘Old Town' Cottonwood so quaint,

far from big cities there's no pollution to taint.

Then there's Sedona will all its rugged beauty to see -

only a short distance from Annabel's B&B.


And the town of Jerome is worth a visit.

With the cafes and bars, you shouldn't miss it.

Then there's the Grand Canyon not far away,

makes The Annabel Inn an even better place to stay.


So it doesn't matter if it's far or near you dwell.

Your needs will be looked after well.

Somewhere nice to sleep and a wholesome breakfast thrown in...

You'd be crazy not to stay at The Annabel Inn!


Image below is sunset from the deck